About Us

Peace Hills Karate is a member of Japan Karate Association (JKA) International of Canada. We are also members of Traditional Karate Alberta Association and Japan Karate Association Alberta. We practice traditional Shotokan Karate, which originated in Okinawa, Japan.

“Karate is a martial art developed by people who were prohibited the use of weapons, thus making it a defensive art. When one is attacked, the empty hands are quite sufficient to defend oneself if one is highly skilled in the art. However, to become highly skilled takes exacting discipline, both mental and physical. […] Karate is highly esteemed as as sport, self-defense, and as a physical attribute for athletes in general.”  – Zentaro Kosaka, Former Foreign Minister of Japan, Director of JKA.

Peace Hills Karate is Wetaskiwin’s only school of traditional Japanese karate. In order to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment, we adhere to a non-contact rule while training. Anyone can learn karate. What counts is attitude and determination.

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Wise words from Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama:                                                                                         There is, perhaps, no greater disservice to man than the creation of false confidence in his ability to defend himself. Whether this false confidence is manifested in his nations’ armed mihgt, or in his own personal ability, the result is the same, though of different proportions, when tested… DISASTER!                                                                                                     The current karate ‘boom’ […] has instilled in many would-be ‘experts’ a serious, false sense of security. This is the natural outgrowth of a human psychological weakness. Everyone wishes to be physically fit and able to defend himself and his loved ones from danger, and quickly turns to any sure-fire guarantee of such abilities.                                                 Unscrupulous and unqualified self-appointed karate ‘experts’ daily exploit this human weakness and prey on the innocent, unsuspecting public. This grossly perpetrated fraud is based on the quick learning of ancient mysterious Oriental combative forms such as karate, and almost always makes it appeal through colorful adjectives such as ‘super’, ‘destructive’, ‘terror tactics’, and guarantees you mastery which will make you ‘fear no man’. All such ‘get skillful quickly’ schemes should be carefully investigated before choosing, for true karate involves constant dedication to training and is never a ‘short course’ method. Choose your instructor carefully.                                                                                   On the other hand, authentic teachers of karate do exist […] and their teachings have full merit. These teachings are deeply rooted in traditional, classical karate and require a liberal application of patience and regular training to develop expert karate skill. There are various schools which stem from historic Oriental antiquity, all of which are legitimate and have both merits and shortcomings. The choice of which school to follow can be decided only by the interested party.                                                                                                                           The average person is confined to a daily life which requires of him a heavy investment in time and energy in order to earn a living. Leisure time is generally at a minimum and spent at less enervating pursuits than demanded by classical karate practice. But the need for a practical system of self-defence designed for the average person is more evident than ever before.



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